In this classic clip, former VP Joe Biden encourages women everywhere to use a shotgun for home defense instead of an AR-15.

Under his logic, the AR-15 is “harder to aim, harder to use, and you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.” He encourages women to “buy a shotgun” instead.

The creator of this video has edited together a few dozen clips of first time shooters firing both an AR-15s and different types of shotguns. Obviously everyone in this video needs proper training, but the comparison is still pretty fascinating.

Even in the hands of an inexperienced shooter with a frightening lack of training, the AR-15 is clearly not “harder” to aim or shoot than a shotgun. If anything it’s easier.

Here’s an idea, why not practice and become proficient with both weapons?

Always make sure everyone living under your roof understands how to operate the weapons stored in your home.

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