The Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) is tailor made to fight explosives with explosives.

Part tank and part bulldozer, this mechanical behemoth can fire a rocket towing a cable laced with nearly 1 ton of explosives. When fired across minefields or paths endangered by IEDs, the “mine clearing line charge” destroys any booby traps in the vicinity.

The ABV is capable of launching it’s C4 payload up to 100 yards in front of the vehicle and clears an area up to 45 feet wide. It can clear paths faster than a foot patrol without endangering the engineers who are safely protected within the armored vehicle.

A 15 foot wide plow helps deflect the force of the explosive shock wave away from the cab of the ABV. This plow also digs a 14 inch deep ‘safety trough’ for the ABV and other vehicles to pass through.

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